+ New Texture pack : Clocks Everywhere

+ Link for Gradient Pack has been fixed!

Expect something from us because you all had been awesome!

Red Green Blue Texture by A Cup of Resources

  • 1000 x 1000 px in .jpg form
  • made by playing with the RGB, thus the name.
  • Contains 10 textures.
  • You can use it without credit but don’t claim it as yours.
  • Please like/reblog if taking :)

Of Birds, Bees, Butterflies etc Texture Pack by A Cup Of Resources

  • Without the bees
  • 5 textures 1000px or bigger
  • Please like/reblog if you’re using!
  • Deeply inspired by the song of the same name!
  • Link to download

We are looking for another co-owner to join us, Mint and Cherry! If you’re interested, drop us an ask!


So after a year of gallery hunting I’ve finally compiled a masterlist of every Screencap gallery I could find! Galleries are ordered by most popular to unknown. The caps themselves range from quality (720-1020 px) but a good handful support 1020 pixels with HQ promotional photos if it is a movie or television show you are looking for. I hope this helps someone out if they are ever needing caps for a certain show that doesn’t have its own gallery.

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2nd Week of Sept Texture Pack by A Cup of Resources

  • Contains 10 .jpg files
  • 500 x 500 px
  • I am out of names, and there is no theme in this pack, they’re pretty colorful :)
  • Please like/reblog if taking :D
  • You can use it without credit, just don’t claim it as yours.

We are looking for another co-owner who can look out and care for ACOR together with us, Cherry and Mint. We would be more than happy to see you on our askbox! :D

Sorry for the irregular update :(

Dear resources sailer (you guys who follow ACOR whom I love),

If you notice, we have slowed down in posting our resources and we deeply apologized for that. Especially when it’s my (Mint’s) turn to upload new resources which should have been every Monday. But I had just started campus life and Monday is my busiest day. There are education-related things I have to do and I prioritize that :) 

I hope you all understand but I will try my best to upload new resources every week, but can’t promise the day >< I am deeply sorry, once again.

In turn, my major is giving me new things that I can apply on making resources so expect new stuffs xD

Thank you, all!

- Mint


Hello, everyone! 

So we have made an achievement that we didn’t think we would reach, but with your support, we did it!

We reached 400 followers! (actually already passed that, we’re late ><) Thank you very much!

For some, maybe it doesn’t sound as much but for us, we are very happy to reach this much :D 

So we make a special pack for all of you, hopefully you guys would like it! ENJOY!

Pack includes :

  • All new PSD // 5 + 3 (5 individual and a 3in1 psd)
  • All new Templates // 2 + 1 (2 individual and a 5in1 template)
  • all new textures // 3
  • Our favourites resources // 20 textures, 3 psd, 2 templates


Thank you all!

- Cherry and Mint.


I get quite a few questions about where I find my stock images that are used in live previews so here’s a list of my favourite (all can be found on the resources page). Most of these are free to use on personal and commercial projects but double check the licenses before use.

Photoshop Download


An anonymous person has messaged me a few days a go saying that they could not find our original Adobe Photoshop link.

I did some hunting around and found out that itsphotoshop has a link in their faq page. However it is a torrent link. Personally I do not trust…

For anyone who’s in need for this :)

Clocks Everywhere Texture Pack by A Cup of Resources

  • 6 textures of 1000x1000px
  • Please like/reblog if you’re downloading!
  • download
  • credit

What kind of resource do you want most?

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