+ New Texture pack : Clocks Everywhere

+ Link for Gradient Pack has been fixed!

Expect something from us because you all had been awesome!

Photoshop Download


An anonymous person has messaged me a few days a go saying that they could not find our original Adobe Photoshop link.

I did some hunting around and found out that itsphotoshop has a link in their faq page. However it is a torrent link. Personally I do not trust…

For anyone who’s in need for this :)

Clocks Everywhere Texture Pack by A Cup of Resources

  • 6 textures of 1000x1000px
  • Please like/reblog if you’re downloading!
  • download
  • credit

What kind of resource do you want most?

PSD #32 by A Cup Of Resources

Please send us suggestions about your preferred hosting sites as well!

Gradients by A Cup or Resources

  • Contains 8 gradient images.
  • 1000 x 1000 px
  • in .png format
  • Please do like/reblog if you’re taking it :)
  • You can use it without credit but do not claim it as yours.

P.S. : Please do drop by our askbox to suggest your preferred hosting site for us to upload our resources in the future! :D


Thanks to toogoodtobebitch for letting me know it can’t be downloaded asdfghjkl I am so sorry! 

It’s fixed now. Happy downloading!

Hosting Site Suggestion

As the title says, we would like to ask for your preferred hosting site! Is mediafire okay? Or cl.ly is better for you? Box? dA? Tell us!

We would consider every suggestion and so don’t be shy and hit our askbox :D 


Hello! Admin Cherry here c:

To that anon who requested for texture packs to be uploaded to dA, please click here .

From now on, we’ll also post our resources on dA and possibly Box in the future for more convenient access! :) Do look forward to our weekly texture pack tomorrow.

Thank you for supporting ACOR :D


Anonymous: omg thank you! i would like the mountain texture pack, aqua texture pack and handwritten texture pack. my computer can also download stuff from box and dA, but i think that's it

Hello, Anon :D

Yes, we will upload them to dA soon. We will try to do so as fast as possible! :)

Okay, we’ll take box to consideration :D

Anonymous: hey i was just wondering if you could post your texture packs on dA, since my computer has problems with mediafire. sorry for bothering!

Sorry that mediafire doesn’t work for you! :( actually we do have dA account but bcs sometimes we don’t have enough time to post in both we just upload to mediafire. Do you have any certain texture that you want? I can upload those to dA for you :D and, any suggestion of other places to upload (other than dA and mediafire) that would work for you? :)

Anonymous: im not the same anon, but could you link some tutorials? it would help me a lot :)


yes for sure:

i hope these helped you somewhat!

In case anyone need this :)

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